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Greatly reduce water bills with this technology

The Smart Valve is a newly patented product that has proven, by an independent testing laboratory, to save up to 40% on water consumption. It is a patented valve technology that allows one to stop paying for air and turbulence measured by over 99% of current water meters in use today.  And, the best part is that it becomes the gift that keeps on giving with an ROI of less than one year.  The Smart Valve is:

  • Installed AFTER the meter on the user’s side
  • Calibrated AFTER installation with externally adjusted mechanism that can be further adjusted in the future without a plumber or water shutdown
  • Set to user’s pressure and flow profile
  • 10-year warranty
  • 30-year life expectancy
  • Savings of 15% to 40% based on demand uses
  • Texas A&M Engineering validated in independent study
  • NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified
  • Typical ROI less than 1 year

Here is a link to a video that explains the technology and  concept.

Here is another link to a video produced by Texas A&M University reporting on their test results