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Entryway Protection for Homes, Schools, Churches and Businesses

Eversafe is committed to security and employs a military strategy called Defense in Depth, which is the arrangement of defensive positions and products to effectively deter and prevent or delay and defeat any forceful attack. This strategy minimizes liability, damage, and loss while maximizing the protection of people and assets.

Every home building and school is unique which necessitates unique solutions. We have multiple options including but not limited to security laminate, security screens, security breezeways, security covered walkways, solar laminate, perimeter detection, fence security, smoke security, and a full line of body armor among many other security options.

In short it is a invisible, or tinted, film that when applied to your existing glass windows and doors make those entryways extremely difficult through which to gain entry. As you would expect this means you get extreme protection at a fraction of the cost of special doors made of safety glass or shields. Watch the video below for the demonstration of profession SWAT and police teams attempting to get through a standard factory door covered with the Eversafe laminate film.

Please contact us for additional information. We are the company that stops crime before it starts.